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A Broad Range of Accounts
FloMartin can offer almost every kind of account, from standard individual ones, to specialized qualified plans for small business owners they may never have considered, including Solo 401(k),  Simple IRAs, as well as traditional plans for individuals, small firms, trusts, non-profits, and sole proprietors. In addition, unlike "cookie cutter" 401(k) plans, FloMartin will custom develop a portfolio for each employee based on their needs, instead of the standard collection of inefficient, fee draining mutual funds. Employees get a portfolio designed specifically for them. For the Non-Profit organization, FloMartin will structure a portfolio that supplements your efforts, and provide the income stream you require to accomplish your mission. Whatever the account type required, personal tailoring and constant monitoring of your assets should provide the results YOU need- not the plan sponsor's or the brokerage firm's. FloMartin never acts as a mere conduit for "product-" it creates portfolios designed for the real needs of the investor. 
Investing for Yourself
Good investing should be considered a key element in a life well lived, just as a good family life, or good health are. A means to deliver a measure of satisfaction and contentment, knowing your assets supplement the efforts of your labors, provide a foundation for your security, and your family's. I will endeavor to assist you in your choice of investment strategy, and do my utmost to make sure it suits you.
Opportunities and Efficiency


FloMartin is a fee-only advisor. As an independent firm, there are no production targets to hit, and no proprietary products offered that serve the issuer more than the investor. Your bond purchases are never "marked up" and all of the yield is yours to keep. Since I am not restricted to any investment channel, I can research and recommend a wide array of asset categories from many different industry sectors. You are free to utilize whatever opportunities the markets offer, regardless of source. As an Investment Advisor Representative, I work under the fiduciary standard as set forth by the SEC. Your interests come first. Always.

Through FloMartin's affiliation with Bank of New York/Pershing, all the services you expect from any run-of-the-mill wirehouse are yours: on-line access, paperless delivery of confirmations, statements and tax forms, are yours for the asking. Additional services like check writing and credit cards are also available, some at a modest charge.
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